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About Aces4kids.org :  Atheletes Committed to Educating Students -E-Mentoring

Aces is an after-school Tutoring/Mentoring program serving more than 350 students each year.  The children are inner-city fourth through 8th graders and their involvement with ACES has been cited to improve their academic performance and better behavior in and out of school. 

The ACES E-Mentoring program offers ACES middle school students the opportunity to connect with adult role models in their community to email once a week.  The program also allows job shadowing for the E-Mentees at their E-Mentor's place of employment and they are also completing service-learning projects focusing on career exploration and integration.

Aces began in 1994 when co-founders Rajiv R. Shah, M.D. and Rhoda Au, PhD designed ACES after-school tutoring/mentoring program based on 14 educational and psychological principles, helping fourth through eighth-grade students in lower income, lower-achieving schools overcome the obstacles that cause them to finish school and pursue higher education.

Aces Students attend program 2 days per week and teaches them reading and vocabulary; volunteer work in their community and enhances their communication and computer skills.

Kinship of Greater Minneapolis:  One-on-One Faith-based Mentoring

Make a Difference . . . Befriend a Child Kinship of Greater Minneapolis:
  • Provides children, ages 5 to 15, with trusted adult role models
  • Enhances a child's ability to overcome barriers to healthy development
  • Provides a unique service opportunity for individuals, couples and families to put their faith into action on behalf of kids. Receive a Mentor Application.
  • Is fortunate to attract wonderful people - individuals, couples and families - who understand the value of added adult support in a child's life
  • Is one of nearly 50 Kinship affiliates located throughout the Midwest. For more information about the Kinship affiliates, visit: www.kinshipinc.org.

    Kinship currently has over 300 matches in the Minneapolis area but is searching for 150+ more qualified mentors with a caring heart and in particular, men.
    Kinship of Greater Minneapolis' Mission Statement: Kinship of Greater Minneapolis helps children ages 5-15, in need of additional support, to realize their God given potential through adult friendships. Kinship also provides a unique service opportunity for individuals, couples and families to put their faith into action on behalf of children.

    Core Values & Beliefs
    • We believe in inclusiveness and collaborative efforts that bring people of different races and creeds together.
    • Children deserve the opportunity for healthy social, physical, spiritual and intellectual development. Youth mentoring makes a positive difference where additional adult suppport is needed.
    • Regular, long-term relationships with a variety of adults are vital to healthy child development.
    • Prevention is more valuable and effective in human development than interventions occurring after considerable suffering and hurt have scarred lives. Our Children of Prisoners Innitiative is a valid response to this reality.
    • We are motivated by the values inspired by our heritage in the Christian church. We choose to love our neighbors as ourselves which mandates us to respond to the needs of hurting children and their families.
    • People need opportunities to put their faith into action. Kinship provides the structure and organization for them to do this effectively. Through the giving of themselves, they are blessed.
    • The quality of Kinship service and relationships is more important than quantity. We believe in careful screening, matching and follow-up support of program participants. In recruiting children and mentors, we do not discriminate.
    • Kinship's professional staff is qualified, motivated and committed to this mission. We hope to make a difference in the Twin Cities by providing volunteer opportunities for adults with hearts for kids

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