Wendi Russo 
Today I volunteered at the Make-A-Wish foundation booth at the Mall of America.  Our intention was to raise some money to support the wishes of the children around Minnesota.  Within my first 20 minutes, I began speaking with a woman about what our organization is about and what children are waiting for donors to grant their wish.  She looked at the boards and chose a little boy to sponsor his wish....a $6,000 donation!!!  Noone at the booth could believe that someone had been that generous!   

About 15 minutes after this secret donor left, a family came up to the booth and was chatting about  the boards with the children's photos and mentioned that the one little boy that they knew still had not been adopted with his wish.  They said he was the sweetest little boy and that they really hoped that SOMEONE would make his wish come true.  I asked which boy it was...well, it turned out to be the very boy that he woman 15 minutes earlier had chosen!! Is that not THE UNIVERSE speaking???  Fate.  When the donor came back 20 minutes later to pay, we told her the story about the family and she said "It was meant to be"...yes, it was.  I've now been deemed the "good luck charm" and have been asked to come back another day to make another wish happen!

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