Wendi Russo 

Mrs America Pageant Photos
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Photos by Clay Spann

Clay is so multi-talented!  He's the makeup artist, Hairstylist, photographer, retoucher and stylist on this photo shoot!

Photos by Jake Armour of Armour Photography, Minneapolis



Photo by Paula Preston


Photo by Paula Preston

Photo by Paula Preston


Handing out my gift bags during our State Gift Exchange!  Thank you Croton for the watch set, Senna, Elizabeth Grant, Department 56, Isomers and Prai!!


Mrs. America Pageant Day 1


Handing out a Gift bag to Mrs. Florida, first runner up, Jacquelyn Stapp!


Mrs. America State Costume:  Aurora, Queen of the Snows, from the St. Paul Winter Carnival, the oldest and largest Winter festival in the Nation!


In Swimsuit on stage at Mrs. America

Not bad for almost 42 in October!!

Mrs. America Evening gown Competition


Diva MN Pajama Party Fundraiser for Aids awareness and testing for women and children of MN  November, 2008



My farewell letter at the 2009 Pageant

Mrs. Minnesota America June 7, 2008 ---Before the pageant

Natalie, Tamara & my coach, Holly Ernst there to support me!

It takes a team to be a winner

Coach, Holly & Jason, my diet guru!

At the Interview

Me, Holly and Denise Woods

Best in Swimsuit

Evening Gown Competition---Winner of Best Evening gown

My husband, Corrado & I

Being Crowned Mrs. Minnesota!


I can't believe it!  I'm Mrs. Minnesota 2008!!

Bessie is putting on my sash!

Mr & Mrs. Minnesota!

My husband was so proud of me!

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