Wendi Russo 
Michelle Murphy has been working tirelessly on this calendar to raise money for non Hotchins Lymphoma --cancer research at the Mayo Clinic.   It features women in their Fabulous 40's who's lives have been touched by cancer.  Michelle and I are featured as well as former Mrs. America, Jennifer Kline, one of the Bella Diva singers and a former Mrs. Minnesota America.    Michelle did a beautiful job in helping to design this calendar and Robb Grier did our hair and makeup for our shoot---he is so talented!

I helped to publicize the event and to obrain

To purchase a calendar and tickets to our upcoming calendar launch party, to to www.calendarforconqueringcancer.com.  The Launch party is December 8th at 6:30pm at Santorini's!  You will be able to receive a signed calendar and meet all of the calendar women! See you then!

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