Wendi Russo 
A new network of people passionate about Pageantry has formed and is now on Facebook called "Pageant Network" created by TMG Entertainment.  Paolo Sadris, the creator  has gathered former titleholders from Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Universe as well as former Mrs. titleholders to report on what is going on in pageantry around the globe. 

Join Pageant Network's page for the latest pageant interviews and behind the scenes interviews at the National pageants and to hear from experts in all areas related to Pageantry.  I will be a contributing pageant coach giving my insights at our upcoming weekend Pageant Exp in Texas May 27th.  More information to come on this amazing and informative event called "The Road to the crown!"  Go to Facebook to join this new group :  Pageant Network      http://www.facebook.com/TMGPageantNetwork

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