International Justice Mission Advocate & Meeting with Senators Frankel and Klobuchar - Wendi Russo 
Wendi Russo 
International Justice Mission is trying to gain support in the Child Protection Compact Act, which proposes $30 million dollars disseminated over a period of 3 years towards helping Children who are enslaved in Sexual Slavery to receive legal  help, passports and victim recovery efforts.  This money will go to train the necessary people in the cooperative countries.

Child Slavery is the 3rd biggest money maker in the world behind weapons and drug sales.

Children are sold by family members oftentimes and transported and sold to other countries for sexual slavery.  Sometimes families are told their child will be given an opportunity for education or for work, that isn't true.

These helpless victims often cannot speak the language, do not know the laws and are given drugs to force them to stay.

Both senator representatives today agreed that this topic must be addressed and are going to be reviewing the act and letting us know of their Senator's support in the next month.

Hopefully, our meeting will lead to saving some children's lives around the world.

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