Kinship Mentor/Mentee Picnic - Wendi Russo 
Wendi Russo 
Kinship of Greater Minneapolis Mentor/Mentee picnic at Loring Park   July 17th

I met a wonderful group of kids at the picnic where they tossed water balloons, ate cake and played outside on this beautiful summer day.  I asked the children why they liked having a mentor and here is what they said "So I can get out of the house",  "Because I'm lonely.",  "Because they play ball with me",  "Because they take me to do things I don't normally get to do.".   They say WHY to mentor better than I could.  I spoke about my childhood and why I got into mentoring, they asked questions about the pageant and how it is judged and if I won any money (no).  And then I signed autographs and took pictures with them.  The key is meeting these kids to see why Mentoring is important and how it can change lives.

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