Wendi Russo 
With John Garden and his wife, Barbara and the co-owner of Mainstream Boutique in Stillwater, MN, Linda.

I was honored to be asked by John Garden, owner of the River Falls Hotel in River Falls, WI to speak at the Women's Expo.  His beautiful wife Barbara owns a clothing boutique called "Mainstream" in Stillwater which carries fashionable but affordable clothing--I emceed her fashion show and helped her find models, who included Judy Justin, Yasmine Rybeck and Ava Bielke, America's Perfect Miss.

  It was the first major snowfall of the season, so turnout was light but everyone still had a wonderful time networking, shopping and luncheoning together. I spoke about Mentoring and hopefully planted seeds in the women who attended that they consider giving back through mentoring other women.    The comedians that evening were a hoot!  I sitll love the references to the women in Minnesota who are Minnesota Nice...until they're driving on the road and angry! ha!  The town of River Falls was charming and we hope to go back next year!

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